Thank you very much! It was great fun. Have a look at the games here or check pics from the event by Guy Degen. You can use them free of charge under following conditions: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Check #newsgameshack for current stuff or think about your own game - feel free to use our Newsgames Idea Generator. You would like to have your very own Newsgames Hackathon an need help? Speak to Marcus +49(0)151 23444509 from the Good Evil

Some press coverage:

We are in full swing. Check this Tumblr for current event coverage and #newsgameshack for further bits and pieces.

Tomas Rawling´s (GametheNews) Keynote Speech at the Newsgames Hackathon filmed and edited by Guy Degen

News + Games

The New York Times’ most popular story of 2013 was not an article. It was an interactive quiz. The Times They Are A-Changin. And we are pretty sure that games as the defining medium of the 21st century will also disrupt journalism pretty soon.

Come and join us for Europe’s First Newsgames Hackathon in Cologne, Germany - presented by the Good Evil and the Cologne Game Lab as a Kick-off event for the 5th international computer game conference Clash of Realities.


If you are a journalist, programmer, game designer or illustrator who would like to push things forward this event is for you. You get:

  • 48 hours of prototyping
  • Like-minded people from all over Europe
  • Get to know journalists from Deutsche Welle, Le Monde, NZZ
  • Keynote by Tomas Rawlings from Game The News, UK
  • Present your result during the Clash of Realities Conference 

Europe’s First Newsgames Hackathon is free of charge. All you need to do is apply here. If you are from Switzerland or Austria you can apply for a scholarship thx to NZZ and FJUM! Thx Deutsche Welle for being an active partner!

Okay, wait. You have no idea what a Newsgame is? Listen to this, read this and this and this. What on earth is a Hackathon. Read this and this